Union-Miles was once referred to as the Village of Newburgh and in the early 1800s was the region's largest settlement. At that time, Cleveland was smaller and less developed than its neighbor, Newburgh. Later in the century, this area became home to many immigrants and was renowned as the second largest Slovenian population outside of Slovenia!

Location:Union-Miles is located to the east of Slavic Village, or the Broadway neighborhood. Grand Division separates it from its southern neighbors and Kinsman Avenue is the northern border. East 131st Street separates Union-Miles from Corlett to the east and railroad tracks create a division between Broadway and this neighborhood. Neighborhood Map.

Miles Park Historical District, at Miles Avenue and East 93rd Street, was the former town square of Newburgh. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places and Cleveland's Landmark Commission, the buildings here date back to the 1800s and are built around a classic New England town square.

Former President and Clevelander, James A. Garfield was minister at Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ (formerly Miles Avenue Church of Christ) located at 9200 Miles Avenue.
Union-Miles has suffered from the decline of the steel mills, steel fabrication and manufacturing that provided employment opportunities to the population of the neighborhood. In the older parts of the neighborhood the housing stock is also aged and some is in need of rehabilitation.

However,Union-Miles now has market-rate housing development and rehabilitation of existing housing. The Union-Miles Development Corporation has contributed to the redevelopment of the community through housing development and the maintenance of the Bicentennial Neighborhood Garden at East 93rd Street and Miles Park Avenue and the Harriet Tubman Museum.

Scattered site single family home development (Union-Miles Homes II) has also occurred in Union-Miles, due to the efforts of Union-Miles Development Corporation. The 35 homes are around Gaylord Avenue and includes a R.A.P.P (Residential Area Policing Program) Home. This home is the second of its kind in Cleveland. Built in 1996, the objective of this home was to promote safety in the neighborhood.

Though the housing stock in Union-Miles is aging there has been both rehabilitation as well as new housing built along established streets.

A homebuyer will likely find Colonials and Bungalows throughout Union Miles as the predominant housing styles there. Market values in this neighborhood fall generally in the $20,000 to $50,000 range. The median sales price for housing Union-Miles in 1999 was $44,706. Over the past three years, 39% of the one and tow family homes sold between $20 to $39,000, and 26% soled between $50 to $74,000.

Miles Estates were built in this neighborhood between 1990 and 1991. This subdivision is home to eight homes and is located at the corner of Miles Avenue and East 123rd Street.

At the intersection of Harvard Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is John P. Green Place. This is a development of 16 duplexes and was begun in 1992.

The intersection of East 131st and Miles has two shopping plazas with a supermarket and drug store. Other stores are located at East 93rd at Union and Kinsman. TheSoutheast Improvement Association assists commercial and industrial businesses in the neighborhood.

Institutions serving the neighborhood include the YMCA-Broadway at 11300 Miles Ave and the Mather Day Care Center (9203 Union, 271-0095) of the Center for Families and Children and the Cleveland Public Library Union Branch (3463 E. 93rd) and East 131st Branch (3830 E. 131st St.)

A tributary of Cleveland's Cuyahoga River, Mill Creek creates a falls, Mill Creek Falls, that produces more than a forty feet drop which is the second largest falls in the area. This attraction was once used as a power source for newcomers to the area. It is now being restored as a park and is located opposite Miles Park square.
Church at Miles Park Square

Calvery Cemetery
Union-Miles is home to one of the largest cemeteries in the county. Calvary Cemetery is found on Miles Avenue between East 100th Street and East 102nd Street. Strangely enough, railroad tracks divide the cemetery down the middle.

Within a short distance of Mill Creek is Garfield Park Reservation, a Cleveland Metroparks division. This park provides outdoor recreation opportunities for the residents of Union-Miles.
Calvery Cemetery

For more information about housing opportunities, take the housing tour or contact the Union-Miles Development Corporation at 341-0757.

For Information on housing in Union Miles, take the housing tour

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