A unique Cleveland Neighborhood blending an industrial past with a focus on the arts and livability centered around Lincoln Park, the center of the community.

Location:Located on Cleveland's near West Side. Its boundaries include the Cuyahoga River to the east and north, Clark Avenue to the South and West 25th. Street to the West. Neighborhood Map. Lincoln Park

Lemko Hall
Lemko Hall was originally a social hall for one of the many ethnic groups that settled in Tremont. It has been rehabilitated as condominiums within walking distance of Lincoln Park.

Tremont is a community of wood frame houses with porches and elegant details. Housing ranges in size from worker bun gale, two family houses to mansions that line w.14th street. Tremont housing information. Houses on Starkweather

Many houses have been rehabilitated and restored to their turn-of-the-century charm.

New construction has increased the supply of available housing. Individual homes, as well as several larger projects like the Bathhouse and Tremont Ridge have recently been built. Tremont West Development Corp is sponsoring the Phoenix project which will bring new housing options to the neighborhood. Available housing. Tremont Ridge Homes

Gallery on Fruit Avenue
Many artists' galleries have opened in Tremont and a monthly artwalk on Friday nights now highlights these galleries. For more information call: (216)-575-0920 Artwalk information map .

While at the artwalk, strolling on professor avenue or visiting Lincoln Park, take a break at one of the many new restaurants,ice cream shop and small shops that are found throughout the neighborhood. Tremont also has added to the nightlife of Cleveland with world famous restaurants like Lola's, Hostas and Mojo's. See business.

Tremont is also known for its many church spires. This is one of 25 architecturally- interesting churches reflecting the ethnic diversity of the neighborhood, which includes St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Church (1912), Pilgram Congregational Church (1893), St. Michael the Archangel (1888), and St. Augustine Roman Catholic (1896).

Merrick House has been meeting community needs since its founding in 1919. New development has been assisted through the Tremont West Development Corporation

Whether you walk, ride or drive through Tremont, it is a neighborhood worth exploring. Want to know more about Tremont? Browse the neighborhood by clicking on the menu on the left.

For Information on housing in Tremont, take the housing tour

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