Known as one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Cleveland, it is also one of the oldest. It borders downtown and enjoys Lake Erie as its northern border. One can find Slovenian, Croatian, German, Ethiopian, Chinese, and Korean Restaurants in the neighborhood.

Location:: : I-90 is the northern border. To the south is Payne Avenue and to the west is East 27th Street. Martin Luther King Drive is St. Clair- Superior's eastern border, extending into Gordon Park to the north. Neighborhood Map .

Unique renovations of historic structures for both commercial and residential use can be found throughout the neighborhood. On St. Clair can be seen redeveloped commercial space.

On Ansel Road, Notre Dame Academy, once a private girl's school, has been converted to 73 unit housing for seniors and Hodge School has been converted to loft apartments that have attracted artists to the neighborhood.
Notre Dame Academy

St. Vitus Church
St. Vitus Church, the first Slovenian Church in Cleveland was established in this neighborhood. The church located at 6104 Glass Avenue, has been the hub of Slovenian religious life since 1893. The church and school are still important institutions in the neighborhood

At East 30th and Payne is Asia Plaza, a retail complex that serves the significant Asian population in the area. Included are shops, restaurants, a grocery store, and a community center.
Asia Plaza

Evergreen Apartments
Recently, the Asian community supported the development of Evergreen Apartments, new housing for seniors.

St. Clair-Superior grew and prospered with the development of industry along the northern and western boarder of the community.

Today there is still an industrial base concentrated in these areas, which provides employment opportunities. Companies include both small and large manufacturing.

Unlike some Cleveland neighborhoods that have lost much of the turn of the century wood frame houses, St. Clair-Superior has many narrow streets which have small homes with front porches built before the automobile.

Many of these homes have been renovated and new homes that fit in the community are being developed. The St. Clair-Superior Neighborhood Development Association can assist with housing information in the area. (216-881-0644)
New Construction

A variety of restaurants can be found in the neighborhood and are located along St. Clair Avenue in historic structures.

Gordon Park, located along Lake Erie, was once a part of William J. Gordon's estate. Today it has been expanded into the Cleveland Lakefront State Park and Marina. The park was developed in 1965 and extends over 50 acres of the shoreline. Included in the park's services are 350 boat docks and fishing piers. It also houses the Inner City Yacht Club, and provides recreation opportunities for the community.
Gordon Park

Cultural Gardens
St. Clair-Superior eastern boundary is the Rockefeller Park Cultural Gardens. Located along Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, the parkway is comprised of 17 small gardens, which honor various cultures and different nations. The land was a gift from John D. Rockefeller in 1896.

The Goodrich-Gannett Neighborhood Center, a member of Neighborhood Centers Association, presently located at East 55th Street and St. Clair Avenue, is over 100 years old. The center provides social services for the surrounding community, which includes both St. Clair - Superior and Goodrich - Kirtland neighborhoods.

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