Originally developed at the end of the 19th Century by real estate developer George Linn as Linndale the area prospered briefly as a railroad town- site of the western station where trains changed their steam locomotives for electric engines before entering Cleveland. Most construction in the neighbrohood occurred after World War II. Between 1940 and 1960 the popualtion of Puritas-Longmead increased from 5,430 to its peak of 21,027. Today the area is also called Bellaire-Puritas

Location:Interstate 71 creates a western border to this neighborhood and it extends all the way across Puritas-Longmead's northern edge. West 117th is the eastern border of the Puritas-Longmead. Brookpark road is the southern border of this area, separating it from the Cities of Brookpark and Linndale. Neighborhood Map

Residential development and the condition of the housing stock are vital to any neighborhood. With the aid of Bellaire-Puritas Development Corporation, there is on-going rehabilitation of single-family homes.

In addition, there are new multi-family homes as well as rehabbed multi-family homes. (14440 Puritas Avenue)
14440 Puritas Avenue

The 26-unit Julia Court, located at West 145th and Coe Avenue, is a newer development in this area.

This is the first development since the major construction boom in the 1960's. Julia Court

Puritas Shopping Center
Located in the center of this neighborhood, The Puritas Shopping Center underwent a 6.3 million-dollar upgrade. This commercial area is located at West 145th Street and Puritas Avenue.

Rail lines have had a major impact of the land use patterns in this neighborhood. Three industrial parks were developed along their lengths. Today, opportunities for future industrial and office development are presented by the proximity of Hopkins Airport and the NASA Lewis Research Center. The rail lines have created distinct residential areas that are separate from one another.

Industrial Parkway
Industrial Parkway, off of West 150th Street, is home to many of this area's businesses. Many residents of Puritas-Longmead have jobs along Industrial Parkway.

Clorox, All Waste, and Kirkwood Commutator can all be found on Enterprise Parkway located off West 130th Street.
Enterprise Parkway

The rail roads also brought a unique mix of residents. Some of this area's earliest Black settlers moved to Puritas-Longmead from Atlanta. Many of the African-American porters who worked on the trains settled in the vicinity of the station and established a small African-American enclave in the otherwise predominantly white West Side of Cleveland.

The neighborhood has access to considerable green space provided by a park in each of the residential areas.

Located at Crossburn Avenue and west of West 130th Street is Crossburn Park. Recently, the park was updated to include a new playground, a basketball court, and new baseball diamonds.
Crossburn Park

McGowan Park
Located at the end of McGowan Avenue is McGowan Park, another park in Puritas-Longmead to undergo significant improvements. McGowan Park now includes a new playground and baseball diamond.

Dedicated in 1996 as a "Founders Memorial", Annunciation Church was created in 1924 and is a strong fixture in the Puritas-Longmead neighborhood. This church is located at 4697 West 130th Street.

In close proximity to the western edge of the neighborhood, is Gunning Recreation, a City recreation center that has an outdoor pool and ball fields.