Pearl and Broadview Roads
What is now the intersection of Pearl and Broadview Roads was the original settlement of Old Brooklyn. In 1905, this area was annexed to Cleveland the same year that the Pearl Road street car line was extended south along the Big Creek Valley. The area now known as Brookside Park became the permanent home of the Cleveland Zoo in 1908. Today this area has a successful housing market and both commercial and residential development in progress.

Location: The Hinckley Industrial Parkway and Jennings Road create a curving western edge to Old Brooklyn. Both Brookside Park and the Cleveland Zoo are on the northern edge of Old Brooklyn and they form the border between this neighborhood and Clark-Fulton. Interstate 480 is the dominating southern border of Old Brooklyn. To the east, Old Brooklyn extends just beyond Fulton Road.
Cleveland Zoo

Brookside Park
Along Fulton Parkway and Denison Avenue is Brookside Park. This is one of Cleveland's oldest municipally owned parks. The park was created in 1894 and serves the Old Brooklyn neighborhood to this day.

Located on Brookside Park Drive is the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo which is maintained as part of the Cleveland Metroparks. The zoo features natural habitats for the animals. Recent additions to the Zoo include a Rainforest and the a wolf lodge. The Zoo hosts many family events on a seasonal basis. (link to website)

Jeremiah Gates Home on Memphis Ave
The Jeremiah Gates Home was built in 1820 with bricks fashioned with baking clay from a nearby stream. Located at 3506 Memphis Avenue it is believed to be the oldest residence in Old Brooklyn.

Both the South Hills and Jennings Road sections of Old Brooklyn have seen residential development in the recent past.
South Hills and Jennings Road

Today, housing values in Old Brooklyn are listed among the highest in the City of Cleveland.

There is a variety of housing including small apartments.

Lakeview Ridge Estates
Ameri-Con Homes have built a 110-unit development on Jennings Road, Lakeview Ridge Estates, which contribute to the residential appeal of this neighborhood.

The former commercial center in Old Brooklyn was around Pearl, Broadview, and State Roads.

Memphis and Fulton
However, more recent commercial development has been at the intersections of Memphis and Fulton, Broadview and Brookpark, and Pearl and Brookpark.

The Star Bank Building at 4175 Pearl Road was considered the best built commercial building when it was constructed in 1924 by the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce.
South Brooklyn Branch CPL

During the late 1880's, the area around Schaff Road was one of the first in the Midwest to grow vegetables in greenhouses. By the 1920's, the neighborhood was one of the nation's leading producers of greenhouse vegetables. Today, some of the former greenhouses are used for contemporary housing. The area still has farm land with u-pick strawberries.

Old Brooklyn boasts its private and parochial schools that are some of the best in the country. In 1998, Old Brooklyn Montessori School opened in the area. This is a public school serving the first through third graders in Old Brooklyn.

Deaconess Hospital
At 4229 Pearl Road, one will find Deaconess Hospital, which opened with the help of the Evangelical Deaconess Hospital Society. The core of the current building dates back to 1928.

The Brooklyn-Brighton Bridge on Pearl Road is the fourth high-level bridge to cross the Big Creek Valley. Though the bridge opened in 1987, the stone arch bridge under the Brooklyn-Brighton Bridge dates back to 1865.

On land donated along Broadview Road in 1860 to Old Brooklyn, three cemeteries have been developed: Broadview Cemetery, Brooklyn Union Burial Ground, and Brainard Burial Ground.
Broadview Cemetery

St. Mary Byzantine Church

St. Mary Church located at 4600 State Road will celebrate their 68th aniverary in 2006.


In addition, Old Brooklyn is home to Brooklyn Heights Cemetery (4700 Broadview Road), a non-sectarian burial ground and Lutheran Cemetery (4574 Pearl Road), full of ornate headstones dating back to 1893.

4574 Pearl Road

The Benjamin Franklin School Garden, established in 1924 was originally created for a horticulture class at the Benjamin Franklin School. In the 1970s, the program was discontinued. Community gardeners took over the land and Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation has maintained the garden for nearly twenty years.  

Our Lady of Good Counsel Church
Our Lady of Good Counsel Church at 4423 Pearl Road was originally built in 1874 on Brookmere Avenue. After fire destroyed that building, the church moved to its present location and was dedicated in 1930.