Mt. Pleasant has an interesting and varied past. British farmers from the Isle of Man established this neighborhood in 1826. The community was primarily rural until 1900, whereupon it was subdivided to house European immigrants flowing into the Cleveland area. The immigrant population included Germans, Czechs, Italians, and Jewish settlers.

Location: Mt. Pleasant runs from East 93rd Street to East 154th Street. Luke-Easter Park and the Buckeye-Shaker community sits to the north of Mt. Pleasant. The neighborhoods of Lee-Miles and Union-Miles cradle the southeastern edge of Mt. Pleasant.
Kingsbury Drive

While most of Cleveland's neighborhoods saw racial changes in the 1960s and 1970s, Mt. Pleasant has been home to a significant African American population since the beginning of the 20th Century.

Established in 1988, Mt. Pleasant NOW has brought development, of both new and rehabilitated housing, to the neighborhood. This community development corporation was created expressly to tackle the housing situation in Mt. Pleasant. Along with housing development, the organization is involved in storefront renovation and sponsors an exterior paint rebate program, micro loan services, and weatherization assistance.

New housing construction has occurred in both larger development projects as well as individual homes throughout the neighborhood. A significant housing project was built on the western edge of the community on Kingsbury Drive. The collection of stylish and elegant homes is referred to as Herron Row.

In addition, individual new homes have been built throughout the community and reflect the style of the existing community.

These homes complement the various housing styles in the community.

In addition to single family homes, there are also a variety of small apartment buildings throughout the neighborhood.

Kare Apartments
Recently, one of these building has been renovated by Mt. Pleasant and has been recognized as an award winning transitional housing program.

Mt. Pleasant is home to a planned community called Reservoir Place (located at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive and Kinsman Road) that is presently under construction.
Reservoir Place

This section of Mt. Pleasant includes new retail establishments, new homes (market-rate), and a senior assisted living facility.

Across from Reservoir Place is Luke Easter Park.
Luke Easter Park

the Zelma George Center
Luke Easter Park is the largest park of its kind in the State of Ohio. It is municipally owned and operated. A new recreation facility, the Zelma George Center is now open as part of the park's amenities.

The park was named for Cleveland Indian Luscious "Luke" Easter, a first baseman for the team from 1949-1954. He holds the record for the longest homerun ever at Cleveland Stadium, 477 feet! Luke Easter Park runs along Kinsman Road from East 93rd Street to East 117th Street.

Alexander Hamilton Recreation Center
The neighborhood is also served by the Alexander Hamilton Recreation Center at (13200 Kinsman Road) at the southern edge of the neighborhood.

Part of the program "Women Painting Storefronts", the Ndebeli Panels along Kinsman Road (between East 116th Street and East 134th Street) represent the traditional painting technique, Ndebeli. Created in the traditional African American style, these 24 panels were produced by local women.

Manx Street School
The Manx Street School, now called A.J. Rickoff, replaced a schoolhouse built in 1842. The present structure was built in 1913 and has been dedicated for its historical significance in Mt. Pleasant. (Union Avenue and East 116th Street).

The Murtis H. Taylor Center, a member agency of Neighborhood Centers Association provides a variety of social services to meet the needs of the community.
Murtis H. Taylor Center

A united community with many tree lined streets, this neighborhood offers a variety of housing and recreational opportunities. For more information about housing opportunities, contact the Mt. Pleasant NOW Development Corporation or take the housing tour.

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