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Not usually thought of as a neighborhood, the Industrial Valley helped shape the development of Cleveland's neighborhoods because it was the reason for people to come to Cleveland and settle in the adjoining neighborhoods. While there has been a significant loss of manufacturing jobs over the years, this area is still an important economic generator for the region.

Location: Following along both banks of the Cuyahoga River and its oxbow meanders, the Industrial Valley borders the neighborhoods of Tremont, Broadway and Central.
Cuyahoga River

Hope Memorial Bridge
Included in Industrial Valley is Duck Island. This residential neighborhood sits near the Hope Memorial Bridge between West 25th Street and Abbey Road Bridge. It's situated between the neighborhoods of Ohio City and Tremont

A number of ethnic groups call Duck Island home; Germans, Slovaks, Bohemians, Puerto Ricans, Italians, Appalachians, and other Hispanic groups.
Duck Island Homes

Sokolowski's University Inn
A popular and delicious attraction in Duck Island is Sokolowski's University Inn..

Some other attractions in Duck Island are St. Wendalin's Church and the Urban Community School. The Grove Court Condominiums are in this area, which provide tenants with an amazing view of Cleveland's skyline.
Grove Court Condominiums

Cleveland Skyline
Duck Island's location has a lot to offer. Jacob's Field and the historic West Side Market are within walking distance as well as Cleveland's near West Side communities.

Another neighborhood that lies within the Industrial Valley is Maingate. This two-square mile industrial area hosts 140 businesses and utilities based distributing food products and manufacturing. Maingate is a distribution hub between New York and Chicago.
Maingate Business

Industrial Valley Home
This neighborhood once had a population of 18,900 (1910). In 1990 the population of the Industrial Valley was just 543. Part of Cleveland since 1850, Industrial Valley has undergone many changes in its history.

Cleveland, as with many industrial cities, had terrific transportation resources. Cleveland's port and location between the coal fields of Pennsylvania and iron ore mines of Michigan lead to the development of iron works and eventually steel miles. The development of the Ohio canal followed by the east-west railroads acted as a gateway to the West and an impetus for industrial development in both fabrication and manufacturing.
Cleveland Skyline

Industrial Valley: LTV Steel
The oil refining, iron and steel industries and automotive parts manufacturing served as a boost for Cleveland's economy and the Industrial Valley's growth. It was home to Republic Steel and later Corrigan-McKinney and became the focal point for industrial development.

John D. Rockefeller created Standard Oil Company and made Cleveland the center of the refining industry in the United States. Eventually this company was ruled a monopoly and broken up by the courts but the surviving Standard Oil of Ohio (SOHIO) still had a major impact on the area.
Industrial Valley

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The Industrial Valley still hosts chemical and steel factories. Other types of large-use companies have located there as well. Trucking companies, the Ontario Stone Company, the U.S. Post Office Main Branch and the Cuyahoga County Pre-Release Center are all in the Industrial Valley.

A drive through the twisting streets of the Industrial Flats across and under the variety of bridges that criss-cross the river is a fascinating journey. Another excellent view of the area is aboard a river cruise on the Goodtime III.

The present day development of the area is assisted by the Flat's Oxbow Development Corporation that works to balance the needs of the recreational flats and the industrial flats. Businesses in the Maingate area are provided assistance by the Maingate Business Development Corporation.

Information on Duck Island and the adjacent Tremont neighborhood is available from the Tremont West Development Corporation.

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