Home to such landmarks as the Rockefeller Cultural Gardens, Glenville is a vibrant neighborhood teeming with development and change, but still very aware of its significant past and place in Cleveland's history.
The neighborhood's lakeshore location and scenic qualities attracted many of the regions wealthiest individuals by the time of its incorporation in 1870 as the Village of Glenville. Nationally, Glenville was known as a center of horse racing and later auto racing. The track was built in 1870 at the Northern Ohio Fairgrounds and operated until 1908 when it was moved to North Randall.
Gordon State Park/Marina

East Side Market
Location: Glenville is framed by Gordon Park and Lake Erie to its north and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive and East Boulevard to its south and west. Carr Avenue is the northern border. The eastern portion of the neighborhood shares a border with the Forest Hills neighborhood, with East 109th Street dividing the two. Neighborhood Map

The neighborhood is easily accessed from I-90 at Martin Luther King Drive and both St. Clair and Superior Avenues provide east-west access through the neighborhood.
Housing near East 105th

East Boulevard
Glenville is a neighborhood of grand homes, front porches, and good construction. In addition to the prevalent Colonial style wood frame homes in Glenville, over 200 new housing units have been built throughout the neighborhood.
Property Information.
Housing Information.

A cul-de-sac off East 106th Street and St. Clair Avenue hosts North Park Place, and Sebe Young Village near Superior are two of Glenville's new construction areas, bringing new residential opportunity to the neighborhood.
North Park Place

New Construction
Other new construction includes Grace Pointe Homes, Glenbrooke I and II, and Rockefeller I and II which have added over 90 housing units to the neighborhood with the prospect of more in the near future. Much of the housing has been developed by the Glenville Development Corporation.

The Eastside market opened in 1988 and replaced a downtown market demolished to make room for the Gateway sports stadiums. The city-owned market has 22,000 square feet of meat and produce stands. The market located at the corner of East 105th Street and St. Clair Ave. is an anchor for commercial development.
Eastside Market

Glenville Town Center
On the other corner is Glenville Plaza and Glenville Towne Center. This 45,000 square foot shopping center includes national and local shopping venues. In addition, the Glenville Hall of Fame will honor the residents of Glenville that have left their mark on this neighborhood and beyond.

Located along Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive and East Boulevard is Rockefeller Park. Walkways, picnic areas, beautiful landscape, and recreation opportunities create a wonderful day in the park. This section of Glenville was a gift from John D. Rockefeller himself and named in his honor. Not to be missed are the Rockefeller Green House and Gardens just before the entrance to the Shoreway (I-90).
Rockefeller Green House

Cultural Garden
Located within the Park are the Cultural Gardens. The gardens are visible along Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, though the best way to experience them is on foot. These gardens pay homage to Cleveland's diversity and cultural heritage. The gardens began in 1916, dedicated in 1939, have recently been restored with bulbs and flowers that make a Spring drive through the park a necessity.

Two landmarks in Glenville worth noting are Cory United Methodist Church (home to Park Synagogue between 1927 and 1947) and the Abyssina Baptist Church, built in 1920. Glenville was a hub of religious activity in its heyday of, between 1900 and 1930. At that time, East 105th Street emerged as the center of business activity, and its many fine stores earned it the title of Cleveland's "gold coast".
Glenville New Life Community Church

Cleveland Public Library-Glenville Branch
In addition to access to the lake and fishing at Gordon State Park and Marina, Glenville has other recreation opportunities including a city recreation center, the YMCA-Midtown East, and Forest Hills Park and Pool.

Kathryn Tyler Community Center
Glenville Clock
Glenville Clock
Glenville Firstar-US Bank
Glenville Firstar-US Bank
Glenville Hollywood Video
Glenville Hollywood Video
Glenville Nu Flava
Glenville Nu Flava
Glenville Plaza
Glenville Plaza

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