Beacon Place
Fairfax is predominately a residential neighborhood of single family wood frame houses that is anchored by churches and major institutions. The community has always had high levels of home ownership and middle income African Americans had become the dominant group by 1930. Today, new housing development can be seen on Euclid Avenue at Beacon Place and in the heart of the neighborhood in Bicentennial Village.

Location:Fairfax parallels Hough on the southern side of Chester Avenue from East 71st. Street to East 105th, south to Woodland Avenue Neighborhood Map
Fairfax Healthcare Center

Cleveland Clinic
Fairfax is home to three nationally recognized institutions.The Cleveland Clinic, established in 1921, now ranks as Cleveland's largest private employer.

Just to the west, at East 86th and Euclid, is the Cleveland Play House, founded in 1915 and expanded in 1983 to incorporate three state-of-the-art theaters under a single roof.
Cleveland Play House

Finally, Karamu House is the nation's oldest African-American cultural institution and has been an important part of the Cleveland community since 1917.

After its annexation to Cleveland in 1872, Fairfax underwent a period of rapid residential development which continued until about 1920. During the neighborhood's prime, such streets as Cedar and Quincy were lined with thriving retail businesses, attractive single family homes and a number of ornate apartment buildings.
Health Museum of Cleveland

Antioch Baptist Church
Euclid Avenue became the site of many of Cleveland's largest and most architecturally distinguished churches. Among the earliest remaining examples is the Euclid Avenue Congregational Church at East 96th. Street, a gothic/Romanesque building constructedin 1872.

Other churches of both architectural significance and as anchors to the community are Antioch Baptist Church at 89th and Cedar and Olivet Institutional Baptist Church at 87th and Quimby..
Olivet Institutional Baptist Church

In addition, new churches and institutions have been recently built in the neighborhood including nursing home care for seniors and neighborhood healthcare facilities.

The neighborhood has a city recreation center, Fairfax Recreation Center, and a two pools.
Fairfax Recreation Center

Church Square
Shopping has recently been enhanced with the development of the Church Square shopping Center that has a grocery store, Blockbuster Video and other convenience stores. Business is located throughout the neighborhood and is detailed in a new Business Directory.

The Cleveland Clinic and Church Square shopping center are factors which have strengthened the market for private development in Fairfax.

Beacon Place
Beacon Place adds 92 single family homes and townhouses and an adjacent development is nearing construction.

Forty-nine additional new homes were built in Fairfax's Bicentennial Village. Since the completion of the village, Fairfax has added 118 new housing units with 31 to be built this year. For more information about housing opportunities,contact Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation (421-1111).
Bicentennial Village

For Information on housing in Fairfax, take the housing tour

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