Tillman Park Townhouses
One of Cleveland's older neighborhoods, Detroit-Shoreway grew with the industrial development along the main east-west rail line through Cleveland. Today it hosts some of the most innovative housing development and variety of housing options.

Location:This neighborhood has an ideal location situated along Lake Erie and Edgewater Park. The southern edge of this community is I-90. The residents of Detroit-Shoreway enjoy close proximity to most major highways: I-71, I-77, and I-480. This neighborhood is framed by West 85 Street to its west and West 45th Street to its East.

Gordon Square Arcade and theater
Recent renovations have revitalized Detroit Shoreway's main commercial area, centrally located at West 65th Street and Detroit, Gordon Square which includes the Gordon Square Arcade and theater, the oldest standing theater in the city of Cleveland.

Location:Across from Gordon Square is Cleveland Public Theater, an excellent venue for innovative and experimental theater at a great price. The theater has been a fixture in this neighborhood since 1985. It is presently renovating the Gordon Square theater adjacent to its present building.
Cleveland Public Theater

The housing stock in Detroit Shoreway ranges from affordable options for families to larger, more prominent homes, mansions and historic buildings along Franklin Avenue. There are also a variety of rental properties available in the neighborhood.Property sales information.

New developments have added to Detroit Shoreway's traditional housing stock with modern townhouses, new homes and condominiums that offer views of Lake Erie and many amentiies.

Bridge Square
Tillman Avenue Townhouses, Bridge Square and Casa Belvedere are currently under construction and on the market. Much of the housing has been developed by the Detroit-Shoreway Community Development Organization.

Casa Belvedere

Many new developments are cropping up throughout Detroit Shoreway. The renovation of the Harp Apartment Building , Muirville, and Chateau are a few among many changes taking place in this neighborhood.

The Franklin Boulevard/West Clinton Historical District, has contributed to the revitalized housing market in Detroit Shoreway.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel
In its current location since 1958, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church has been resposible for a great deal of the development currently underway in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. In partnership with Nolasco Housing. Mt Carmel has provided housing for seniors and rehabilitated existing homes.

The Romanian Press located at West 55th Street and Detroit was the first newspaper for Romanians in the City of Cleveland.

The Detroit Shoreway neighborhood is host to Herman Park, which boasts a beautiful mural depicting the ethnic diversity of the community.

Watterson-Lake Elementary School on West 74th Street and Detroit is a Cleveland landmark and listed in the national Register of Historic Places.

Eveready Battery
Detroit Shoreway's industrial past is evidenced in the old Eveready Battery plant and the Westinghouse Building , a landmark seen from the shoreway.

Detroit Shoreway residents still benefit from the proximity to manufacturing jobs which are located in an industrial area just west of the neighborhood. These industries are supported by WIRE-Net, a community-based industrial development organization.

Detroit Shoreway is home to Max Hayes High School. Its Destiny Academy, established in partnership with wire.net, is preparing young people for employment in the manufacturing sector.

The residents of Detroit Shoreway have access to Lake Erie at Edgewater State Park. The park is an excellent spot for swimming, boating, and other outdoor activities. In addition, there are two local recreation centers, an outdoor pool, and community gardens. There is also easy access to the Flats.

For housing information, take the neighborhood housing tour or contact Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization.
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