The history of Clark-Fulton began with German settlers in the mid 1800s. They were followed by Slovaks, Czechs, Poles, and Italian immigrants who populated this neighborhood and worked in the breweries along Train Avenue and the industries of the Flats.

Location:Situated East-West between Scranton Road and West 48th Street, Clark-Fulton is located in the midst of some of Cleveland's most popular neighborhoods. Clark-Fulton enjoys proximity to I-71, a major interstate in this area. To the north is Clark Avenue. Clark-Fulton borders the Tremont, Ohio City, Stockyards, and Brooklyn Center neighborhoods. Neighborhood Map.

The one and two family homes were built in the later part of the 19th century tohouse the growing immigrant population that came to Cleveland. With that residential construction came commercial development along Clark Avenue and West 25th. Street.

In the 1960s, Clark-Fulton suffered from the construction of Interstate I-71 and I-90, which physically split this neighborhood.

Clark-Fulton most recently has evolved as the home to many of Cleveland's Puerto Rican and Hispanic residents.

New developments have cropped up in Clark-Fulton. Clark-Metro Development Corporation helped to create a 15-unit development, Milford Place, at the old Milford School site.
Milford place residential development

Additional, residential construction has taken place throughout Clark-Fulton.

In 1997, the average price for a home in the neighborhood was $37,000. By the end of 1999, 30% of the housing sales were over $50,000 and 5% above $50,000. Still, the majority of homes are available in the $30,000-$50,000 price range. Property information housing information.

Cleveland Public Library-Fulton Branch
Located at 3545 Fulton Road, Clark-Fulton's branch of the Cleveland Public Library was built in 1983 with a dramatic entry way sculpture. Andrew Carnegie himself gave money to the construction of the original library on this site.

One of Clark-Fulton's most visible landmarks, St. Procop's Church is located at 3181 West 41st Street. The building itself dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and the twin towers of this church are perfect wayfinding devices for visitors and residents of Clark-Fulton.
St. Procop's Church

St. Rocco's Church
The first Italian parish on the West Side had its home at St. Rocco's Parish. Clark-Fulton enjoys the St. Rocco's annual street fair, a celebration that began in the early part of the 1900s. Located at 3205 Fulton Avenue, the church building which now stands dates back to 1952.

A huge complex, Metrohealth Medical Center was established in 1837 and holds the distinction of being Cleveland's oldest hospital. In addition, it was one of the first public hospitals in the nation. Over the past decade, extensive renovations have been made to the hospital along with expansion of out-patient facilities.

The Jones Homes for Children, once home to "friendless boys", is now a service center for children and is the focus of the Jones Home Subdivisions National Register District and is an example of the many social services available in the neighborhood.

Recreationally opportunities can be found at the Clark Recreation Center (5706 Clark Ave) and the Estabrook Recreation Center (4125 Fulton). A community pool is available at Meyer Pool (West 30th and Meyer).

For information about housing and business opportunities in the neighborhood, contact Clark-Metro Development Corporation, 12511 Clark Avenue: (216) 741-9500.

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