Cleveland's final major territorial expansion occured in 1923 with the City's annexation of the neighboring municipality of the Village of West Park. Originally a part of Rockport Township and named - not for its western location - but for early settler Benjamin West, the former 12.5-square mile village stretched from West 117th Street to the Rocky River, south of the City of Lakewood. Today, in addition to Kamm's Corners, it includes the neighborhood areas of Jefferson, Puritas-Longmead and Riverside.

The Kamm's Corners shopping district, located at the intersection of Lorain Avenue and Rocky River Drive, was named for local grocer Oswald Kamm. The area was first developed in the 1870's with a small cluster of houses and a few shops. Two decades before the development of Kamm's Corners, Lorain "Street" was already established as the principal east-west route for travel between Cleveland and points west.

During the first two decades of the 20th century, development was spurred by establishment of "interurban" rail transit service along Lorain Avenue. It was the extension of the Cleveland Electric Railway Company's streetcar line to Kamm's Corners in 1923, however, that boosted development of the neighborhood most dramatically.

The Kamm's Corners neighborhood grew at a steady pace from 1920 through 1960. During that period, the neighborhood grew in population from 1,870 to just over 25,000. Population peaked in 1970 at 26,570. Today, the City's highest housing values are found in the Kamm's neighborhood, with a median value over 60% higher than the City average.

Although examples of the streetcar-oriented retail buildings can be found in the neighborhood, later development provided the neighborhood with a number of contemporary plazas including Warren Village at Warren and Edgecliff, Kamm's Plaza at Rocky River and Lorain, and K-Mart Plaza at West 150th and Lorain. Ample recreation opportunities are afforded neighborhood residents by the Metropark's Rocky River Reservation which forms the neighborhood's (and City's) western border.