Collinwood Gallery of Housing

Housing in the community is as varied as its people. Incomes and housing values continue to increase. In 1997 the majority of home sold for over $60,000 and 6% of the housing in North Collinwood sold for over $100,000.

This far eastside neighborhood borders Lake Erie and is well served by Interstate 90 providing access to all parts of the neighborhood. The area was first settled around 1800 and attracted immigrants to the area because of the abundance of orchards and vineyards. It became the largest shipping point for grapes in the nation.

Water's Edge
New housing construction includes new single family housing as well as new upscale townhouses being built at Water's Edge near Wildwood Park, the first such type of housing in the area.

The number of new in-fill housing and rehabilitated units is also growing.

On Lakeshore Boulevard one will find Euclid Beach State Park. This park was a Collinwood H.O.P.E project and has, among other things, a playground constructed by the residents of Collinwood themselves.

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