North - Broadway Gallery of Housing

Smaller houses with front porches, built for factory workers, are found on tree lined streets in the northern portion of Broadway. Many of these houses are built close to the sidewalk and give the neighborhood a tight-knit keel.

North of Fleet Avenue on East 65th Street one will find the East 65th Street National Historic District. This area is one of three Polish neighborhoods in the city and is home to St. Stanislaus, the Orlikowski House, and the Bohemia Jewish Cemetery.
The Slavic Village Development Corporation has a twenty year history of neighborhood revitalization activities. It has been involved in home repairs, housing rehabilitation, weatherization, store front restoration, and new housing construction.

Mill Creek is the largest new housing construction project in Cleveland in the past 50 years. The site has a commons and is being connected by a bike trail to the Metroparks and Mill Creek Falls.

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