Kinsman Gallery of Housing

Unfortunately, these improvements did not help Kinsman in its battle against decline The 1990 census indicates a total population in the area of only 7,568 and it has the highest percentage of families below the poverty level in the city.

With the efforts of Buckeye Area Development Corporation, new housing has been developed within this community and Woodland Hills, its neighbor. Buckeye Homes II and Buckeye In-Fill are located at Buckeye and East 93rd Street and comprise a total of 41 units.

Most of the housing stock is small wood frame colonials and bungalows. The average market price is under $20,000. In 1999, the average sales price was $27,500 for the 19 homes that sold in the neighborhood.
There has been some new construction throughout the neighborhood as well as rehabilitation of existing housing.

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