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Oliver and Eliza Hough settled in the area now know as Hough in 1799. During the early part of the nineteenth century the land was divided into large farms. Upon their deaths in 1866, they rendered their land to the residents of the community. It was incorporated into the city of Cleveland in 1873. Soon the large farms were subdivided and beginning in the 1880's Hough grew into a place of residence for many prominent citizens of Cleveland including Worcester R. Warner, Ambrose Swasey, Newton D. Baker, and the Bolton and Severance Families. An often-overlooked landmark in Hough is League Park at East 66th and Lexington, the home of major league baseball in Cleveland from 1891 to 1946.

Location:Located on Cleveland's East Side it extends from East 55th street to University Circle and from Chester to Superior. Major east-west streets are Hough and Wade Park and cross streets are East 79th and Ansel Road. Neighborhood Map

Cleveland Clinic
Within minutes of downtown, the cultural and educational institutions in University Circle, and the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital, Hough is ideally located.

While Hough has witnessed deterioration of its housing stock and frustration over worsening living conditions which lead to riots in the mid 1960's, those days are long past and Hough is experiencing a rebirth. The restoration of confidence in Hough's future is symbolized by the 277 unit Lexington Village townhouse complex at East 79th and Hough that was the first new housing in the neighborhood.
Lexington Village

Church Square
This development has led to construction of numerous stately single-family homes and the new 100,000-square-foot Church Square shopping center at East 79th and Euclid

Traditionally a community of wood frame houses with porches and small apartment buildings, Hough is proud to offer a variety of housing initiatives for persons and families of all income ranges. In the 1970's the Famicos Foundation began to rehabilitate existing housing. In 1986, Habitat for Humanity began building houses for low-income families. In 1988, housing rehabilitation and construction began for persons of low to moderate income. Lease-purchase programs allow low-income residents to buy and maintain homes, especially in western Hough.
Rehabilitated Homes

New Home Construction
Also in Hough are some upscale homes, built with city incentives.

Today, numerous stately single-family homes have been established which complete the picture of Hough as one of diversity, including economic diversity and diverse housing options.
New Home Construction

New Home Construction
Many of the new homes are competitive with any new construction in the suburbs. Driving through the neighborhood there are signs everywhere of the new development. For information about available housing, contact Hough Area Partners in Progress. (216-229-4277). Property sales information.

The interest and dedication that many residents have to the Hough community can be seen at the Renaissance Village project where 20 families moved to Hough and built new housing together on a city block.
Renainssance Village

Cleveland Playhouse
Hough also provides recreational opportunities at the Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center (8611 Hough Avenue) and the League Park Pool (East 66th and Lexington). In addition, Hough has community centers at League Park and Lexington-Bell, a new Family Center and as outdoor recreation available in Rockefeller Park that includes bike trails, tennis and ball fields.

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