Goodrich Kirtland Neighborhood Tour

This older neighborhood reflects the early development of the city where residents lived next door to their work and churches.

Today older manufacturing buildings have been turned into artist studios and the area still maintains a residential community mixed with commercial and small manufacturing.

Location:East 55th Street, a major thoroughfare in the City of Cleveland, draws the line that creates an eastern border in Goodrich-Kirtland Park. Both Lakeside Road and North Marginal Road contribute to create a northern edge to this community. Euclid Avenue is the southern border of Goodrich-Kirtland Park. Western Goodrich-Kirtland Park is a little bit more complicated - East 27th Street, East 24th Street, and East 30th Street are parts of a serrated edge. Neighborhood Map.

Though the housing values in Goodrich-Kirtland Park fall below the city average, the housing stock is in good condition on many streets.

The average assessed value of housing in 1997 was $28,700. Over the past three years, 29% of the homes sold in the neighborhood were between $30-39,000 and 19% between $40-49,000.Property sales information.

Located at East 30th Street and Payne Avenue is Asia Plaza, a centerpiece in this neighborhood. This complex was built in 1991, and its Chinese restaurant and specialty goods stores have garnered popularity in that short period of time. This complex was constructed to cater to the emerging Asian community in the Goodrich-Kirtland Park and the St. Clair Superior neighborhoods.
Asia Plaza

A number of Chinese and Korean restaurants and imported Asian food stores are located next to Asia Plaza.

Dave's Supermarket is an important commercial anchor in this neighborhood carries a large variety of foods that meet the needs of the diverse neighborhood.

Evergreen Plaza
The Asian community has also supported the building of Evergreen Plaza, a high rise for senior citizens.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church is one of Goodrich - Kirtland Park's oldest landmarks. Irish settlers established this congregation in 1865 and built their first church in 1873. Immaculate Conception stands to this day at East 41st Street and Superior Avenue.
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

St.Paul Catholic Church
Two additional cherished churches are located in this neighborhood. St. Paul Catholic Church (East 40th Street and St. Clair Avenue)was built in 1904.

St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church (East 34th Street and Superior) was originally built in 1913.
St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church

Goodrich Gannette Neighborhood Center
The Goodrich Gannett Neighborhood Center has been in existence since 1914 and operates programs for the elderly, youth, and families Goodrich-Kirtland Park and St. Clair Superior neighborhoods.

The recent movement of African-American, Hispanic and Asian populations has enhanced the diversity and personality of this neighborhood.

The neighborhood is also home to many small businesses and commercial storefronts.

Its proud manufacturing past is seen in the many grand masonry buildings on both Superior and St. Clair Avenues.

For information about housing and commercial opportunities in the neighborhood, contact the St. Clair Superior Neighborhood Development Association.

Click here for more information about housing styles and opportunities in the neighborhood.

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