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Forest Hills Park
What is now referred to as Forest Hills was once a part of Glenville Village. John D. Rockefeller developed this area as a resort complex in 1873.

Location:Ashbury Avenue is the southern border of Forest Hills. East Cleveland is the eastern neighbor of this community and East 125th separates the two areas. Extending a bit further east, East 131st is also an edge of Forest Hills. Kirby and Coit Roads are northern borders to Forest Hills and East 110th/Lakeview are to the west. Neighborhood Map.

Forest Hills Park
Forest Hills Park and Parkway, located on East 120th Street between St. Clair and Superior and Eddy Road and Lakeview Road was once a portion of John D. Rockefeller's summer home. This sprawling park is a fixture in the Forest Hills community, giving it its name and providing a space for many events and recreational opportunities.

The park has three segments. The northernmost is home to the twenty-three year old Glenville Festival held every summer. The center section contains the Glenville Recreation Center and Patrick Henry Track and Field, recently improved, it is now an all weather track. The southernmost section has a public pool, basketball and tennis facilities, and a baseball diamond.
Patrick Henry Track and Field-Forest Hills Park

Greater Friendship Baptist Church
Literally across the street from Forest Hills Park is the landmark Greater Friendship Baptist Church, on the corner of Arlington and Thornhill.

East 120th Street hosts many of Forest Hills older homes, appealing in their character and history.

There is a diversity of housing including small apartment buildings, single family, and two family-most of which have front porches and are located on tree lined streets.

In 1999, the average sales price for a home in Forest Hills was $46,500. Over the previous three years, 28% of housing sold between $40 to $59,000 and 27% sold for $60 to $99,000. Property sales information.

Northeastern Neighborhood Development Corporation (268-6208) has developed both new rental housing and market rate single family homes.

On the corner of East 115th Street and Superior Avenue, the Sebe Young Homes can be found. Mr. Young was a fervent volunteer and community leader in Forest Hills. The homes were named in his memory and sit on chosen lots in this neighborhood.

On the other hand, the Glenville Commons Condominiums at Lakeview Road and Superior Avenue is a newer 40-unit development of attractive townhouses in Forest Hills.

Since 1967, the Martin DePorres Center has been a standard in the Forest Hills community. Youths and adults benefit from its activities and emergency services.

The building located at 12412 Superior Avenue has had many faces. It was once a vaudeville theater, then a mosque. In the 1970s it was abandoned until Garrett Square Economic Development Corporation moved in to service this community.

Located on Superior Avenue and continuing throughout that area is the Garrett Square Commercial District which was named for the inventor Garrett A. Morgan. Relatively new, this section of Forest Hills was created in 1990. The commercial district itself is bounded between Castlewood Avenue to the north, Moulton Avenue to the south, East 131st Street to the east and East 114th Street to the west.

A central fixture in the Forest Hills neighborhood, Sweet Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church at 11509 Superior Avenue sponsors a yearly day of fun in Forest Hills, which includes free health screenings, tips on how to stay healthy, and activities for the family.

For more information about housing opportunities in this neighborhood, take the housing tour or contact the Northeastern Neighborhood Development Corporation.

For Information on housing in Forest Hills, click here

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