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Edgewater was once no more than three sprawling farms. The estate of Eliza and Simeon Jennings donated both land and property to establish, among other things, homes for the poor and the ill. During the later part of the 1800s, Edgewater took on a suburban character. The side streets between Detroit and Lake Avenues were subdivided for single-family homes. Some of Cleveland's richest residents occupied large estates between the Lake and Lake Avenue. The neighborhood was finally annexed to Cleveland in 1894.

The average sale price of single-family homes in Edgewater is listed at $96,776. The median market value is a bit lower, right around $60,000-$75,000. The predominant housing styles in Edgewater include Bungalows, Colonials, and Multi-Story residential buildings.

In general, the housing stock in Edgewater is fairly diverse, more so than many neighborhoods in Cleveland. There are modest homes along the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern rail lines. Apartment buildings can be found throughout Edgewater. Among the first to be built are along Detroit Avenue and Clifton Avenue. Later more apartments were built along Lake Avenue and West Boulevard.

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