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In 1917, East View Village was annexed as part of the City of Cleveland. This included what today is considered the neighborhood of Corlett. The area saw a boost in development in the 1920s. As a result, most of the buildings located on East 131st Street date back to this initial building boom.

Location:Bordering Garfield Heights, Corlett and the community of Mt. Pleasant are often grouped together as one neighborhood on Cleveland's East Side. Corlett however is between East 154th Street and East 116th Street just south of Mt. Plesant. To the north, Gay Avenue and Svec Road border it. Southern Corlett ends with Puritan Road and it extends south with East 143rd Street and Saybrook Road. Neighborhood Map.

Housing in Corlett is a mixture of small single family and Cleveland doubles-many with front porches.

The average sales price in 1997 was $42,000 and over 45% of the assessed value of housing is in the $40,000 to $49,000 range. However, in the past three years, over 25% of the sales have been in the $60 to $74,000 with over 11% selling at $75,000 to $99,000. Property sales information.

Boy's Club (Sokol Tyrs Hall)
At East 131st Street and McLeer Road is the Boys' Club built in 1926. This building was once the Sokol Tyrs Hall, which functioned as a recreation hall for the area's Czech immigrants.

Built in 1915, the Corlett School was established at East 131st and Corlett. As with many buildings in this neighborhood, this school was named for Eliza and Harriet Corlett. These Irish settlers were principals in the Cleveland Public School system in the 1890s.
Corlett School

Today, the neighborhood is assisted by Mt. Pleasant Development Corporation (751-0023) and the Union Miles Development Corporation(341-0757).

Assistance is available for business and commercial development from the Miles Ahead Development Corporation (581-2185).

For Information on housing in Corlett, take the housing tour

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