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Cuyahoga Community College
On the brink of an exciting revitalization, this Cleveland neighborhood is looking at a future full of possibility, investment, and change.

Location:Central is located just east of Downtown between the Industrial Flats and Carnegie Avenue and extends from East 22nd To East 79th St. Major roads in the neighborhood are Woodland, Community College and Central. It is easily accessed from I- 77 and Carnegie Ave. Neighborhood Map .
New Construction

St.Vincent Hospital
Central has been home to Austro-Hungarian, Italian, and Jewish immigrants as well as African Americans who migrated to Cleveland from the South to take advantage of employment opportunities in the Industrial Flats and close proximity to downtown. After this great migration, Central was the most populated of all Cleveland neighborhoods.

In 1904 the Chamber of Commerce issued a report concerning the conditions in the neighborhood and the rise of tenement housing for mill workers. The industrial past is seen in the Central Public Baths, now a city recreation center, and St.Vincent Charity Hospital still located in the neighborhood. Urban renewal led to the development of the main campus of Cuyahoga Community College and institutional presence of community and social service agencies along Community College and east 22nd street.
Central Baths

Boy Scouts
Central is home to area chapters of the Boy Scouts of America and the Visiting Nursing Association and the Teachers Credit Union.

In 1936, Central was the site of the first public housing project in the nation, Cedar Estate. Central is the home of over 4,000 public housing units, which are owned by the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority.
Olde Ceder Estate Public Housing

Central's housing stock is a mix of single family and apartments in larger developments.

Driving through Central, one can see a unique mix of styles and types of housing from old wood frame Colonials, to suburban tract housing to new developments that are a reflection of the neighborhood's past.

Central Commons
Central Commons, at 38th and Central is a new development of single family homes with front porches that occupy a four square block area, marks a significant turn around in the housing stock of this neighborhood. Property Sales Information.

In addition, St. John's Village will host 74 new housing units in this neighborhood to the east of Central Commons. Additional new construction is expected with the designation of the area as a Homeownership Zone.

Gabriel's Green
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will invest $18.6million in grant money in the neighborhood to promote homeownership. This money will build 420 single-family homes in Central and will help offset the costs of rehabilitation of 45 homes.Property sales information.

The "Midtown Corridor" is a vital commercial area for Central. The corridor lies on Central's northern border and provides employment, business, and shopping opportunity for the neighborhood.
Pierre's Ice Cream

Among landmarks in the neighborhood is the Woodland Cemetery , located between East 66th Street and East 71st Street, a final resting-place for well-known Clevelanders. It is home to the grave of the only Confederate soldier buried in Cleveland.

The Dunham Tavern Museum (6709 Euclid) provides visitors with a view of Cleveland's early settlement in the 1800's.
Dunham Travern

Northern Ohio Food Terminal
In addition, the largest center of wholesale food distributors in the state is located in the Maingate section of Central.

This neighborhood has the benefit of close proximity to the freeway system of Cleveland. This is an advantage not only to Central's residents, but to its business community as well. Most recently, the main U.S. Post Office, in Cleveland located their new facility in the neighborhood.
Visiting Nurse Association

Good Samaritan Home
Today, Central's close proximity to downtown and new residential housing choices have bolstered the neighborhood's readiness for change. For information on housing opportunities contact the Burten, Bell, Carr Development Inc (341-1455).

New construction in Central

For Information on housing in Central, take the housing tour

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