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Buckeye Housing
A charming and varied neighborhood, Buckeye-Shaker has many identities. It includes small worker homes in the Buckeye part of the neighborhood, the largest concentration of apartment living in the City, three distinct retail districts and professional offices along Shaker Boulevard.

Location:: Buckeye-Shaker is easily accessible from Downtown and University Circle from Fairhill Boulevard, Shaker Boulevard or Buckeye Road. To the East are the suburbs of Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights to the west is Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Buckeye-Shaker extends north to Baldwin Road. Mt. Pleasant is the neighborhood to the south of Buckeye-Shaker. Neighborhood Map

Shaker Square
The most famous part of Buckeye-Shaker is Shaker Square itself. Located at the intersection of Shaker Boulevard, North and South Moreland Boulevards, and Van Aken Boulevard, Shaker Square is distinguished as the country's second oldest planned shopping center.

With a major renovation of the square now complete, the area offers a variety of unique shops, restaurants and outdoor dining and a restored movie theater.
Shaker Square Shops

South Moreland
Developed by the Van Sweringen brothers in the late 1920's, Shaker-Square and its surrounding Historic District offers a direct transit link to downtown and a choice of apartments, condominiums and larger colonial wood frame houses.

Plymouth Church represents the New England influence in the development of the area. The winding streets and boulevards still demonstrate the Van Sweringen's efforts to create something different than the city block.
Plymouth Church

Within walking distance from the square are the Shaker Lakes and the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes.

Just to the west of the square along Shaker Blvd, are newly renovated office buildings that provide for professional and medical offices.
Professional Offices on Shaker Blvd

Rental Apartments
One of the many attractions of the Buckeye Shaker neighborhood is the variety of housing. Rental housing information is available through the Shaker Heights Area Development SHAD (216)421-2100.

The Buckeye part of the neighborhood has tree-lined streets with one and two family homes with double porches. This style is often referred to as the "Cleveland double." The historic Hungarian community settled along Buckeye Road between 1900 and 1930 and attracted the largest Hungarian population outside of Hungary those becoming known as Cleveland's "Little Hungary"
Buckeye Housing

Fairwood Housing
The Buckeye Area Development Corporation (491-8450) assists the Buckeye neighborhood in commercial and housing development.

The Fairwood neighborhood located behind the Larchmere Retail district provides a unique mix of well-maintained small wood frame houses. This area also has new construction. Contact the Shaker Area Development Corporation for housing opportunities.
New Housing in Fairwood

Belgian Village
Buckeye-Shaker is home to Belgian Village, which sits on Fairhill Road between Kemper Road and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Built in 1931, Belgian Village overlooks a ravine, which contain Doan Creek. The highly sought after homes are a beautiful addition to Buckeye-Shaker's housing stock.

Recently, a shopping center was built at the corner of East 116th Street and Buckeye Avenue. This added not only shopping opportunity but also stability to the area.
Buckeye Plaza Shopping Center

Storefront renovation is a bonus in any neighborhood and Buckeye-Shaker is no exception. The changes have sparked a sense of renewal in the neighborhood with many aesthetic improvements.

The Larchmere Commercial District is a known antique haven. In addition, art galleries and restaurants dot this expanding retail district.

Park View Federal Saving Bank
Seen at the corner of North Moreland Boulevard and Larchmere Boulevard is the formen Park View Federal Savings Bank, now Ohio Saving. The building opened in 1921 and the style of the building represents Buckeye-Shaker's history.

The area is also home to many Cleveland institutions. The Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation located at 2801 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., focuses on pediatric rehabilitation. Established in 1889, it's the only hospital of its kind in Cleveland.

The Fairhill Center for Aging provides space for organizations providing senior services and its recent neighbor, Benjamin Rose Institute Keithley House for senior living.

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