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Why Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland?

Strong neighborhoods are vital to a strong city. Neighborhood leaders motivate residents and guide them in improving their community. Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland (NLC) brings together neighborhood leaders from across the city to increase their knowledge, skills and access to resources. The program creates a supportive network of leaders for ongoing neighborhood involvement.


  • Recognition of your role as a neighborhood leader
  • An interactive, 12-session learning process where everyone shares his or her knowledge and participates
  • The chance to build a community of leaders through sharing a meal and social time each week
  • Intensive learning activities, such as an all day retreat and a tour of Cleveland neighborhoods
  • A way to bring hope for the future of our children and neighborhoods

Program Objectives

  1. To build upon neighborhood leaders' experience and further develop their skills and confidence through
    — public speaking and meeting facilitation
    — personal goal setting and time management
  2. To increase leaders' knowledge of Cleveland neighborhoods and critical issues facing the city and region
    — policy issues (urban sprawl, welfare reform)
    — asset mapping and community goal setting
    — World Wide Web links to local neighborhood resources
  3. To enhance neighborhood leaders' ability to resolve problems within their neighborhood, or in cooperation with other neighborhoods and institutions though
    — conflict resolution
    — community organizing
  4. To assist leaders in establishing networks among themselves, their neighborhoods, and their institutions by learning
    — the history of Cleveland and its neighborhoods
    — a team approach to assessing and designing a response to critical issue

Program graduates become part of the Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Forum, a network of neighborhood leaders. The Forum holds quarterly meetings to exchange information, socialize, and plan projects. The Forum also coordinates several policy committees focussed on critical issues facing Cleveland. Forum members are also encouraged to participate in advanced training and issue seminars.

Eligibility and Application

Active neighborhood leaders are encouraged to apply to Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland. A committee, made up of NLC graduates and staff, will screen all applications. Candidates will be selected based on set criteria that includes demonstrated leadership experience and a commitment to working with others to better Cleveland's neighborhoods.

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