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Civic Engagement

The Quickening of America: rebuilding our nation, remaking our lives.
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1994.
By Frances Moore Lappé, Paul Martin Du Bois
· Interactive book with practical ideas on how to get involved in democracy. They identify 10 skills required for enhanced effectiveness in public life, including: active listening, creative conflict, mediation, negotiation, political imagination, public dialogue, public judgment, celebration and appreciation, evaluation and reflection, and mentoring.

Collaborative Leadership: How Citizens and Civic Leaders Make a Difference.
By David D. Chrislip and Carl E. Larson
· Designed to help citizens and civic leaders bring together diverse community members in efforts that lead to real, measurable change in the lives of communities. Has six in-depth case studies and 46 additional studies of successful community collaborations. Also explains specific leadership strategies necessary for successful collaboration.

Leadership for the common good: tackling public problems in a shared-power world.
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1992.
By John M. Bryson
· Explains how community leaders can inspire and mobilize others to undertake collective action for the common good. More emphasis on the public sector and public policy. Ch. 7: Searching for Solutions in Forums may be helpful for Leadership Forum of NLC Graduates.