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The information contained in the Neighborhood Organization Directory was derived from a survey mailed to all organizations known to the Center for Neighborhood Development involved in neighborhood development activities. The five sections provide basic information on the organizations and their activities. A new feature is the phone/fax list of all organizations prior to Section A. Organization entries also include email addresses.

Section A - Neighborhood Based Organizations

This section lists the neighborhood-based organizations alphabetically. The survey requested the address and phone number of each organization as well as the director and the president or chairperson of the board. Most organizations also listed their Geographic Area of Activity, Activities Involved In and Staff. The section on activities was derived from a checklist provided in the survey and is cross-referenced in Section C-Activities of Organizations. The section on Staff lists the staff titles and the names of staff members.

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    Section B - Intermediaries/Support Organizations

    This section lists organizations in Cleveland that either provide assistance and support to neighborhood based organizations or are associations of neighborhood based organizations formed to support the work of their member agencies. The intermediaries that are listed are either local organizations or university departments funded to provide assistance or national organizations that have established local offices in Cleveland.

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    Section C - Activities of Neighborhood Organizations

    This section was derived from the checklist of activities listed in the survey. Each activity is followed by the neighborhood-based organizations involved. This section is divided into five main categories with subsections following. The main categories are Neighborhood Advocacy, Housing Development and Rehabilitation, Weatherization Activities, Commercial Development Activities and Industrial Development Activities and other activities which list Youth Programs, Child Care, Elderly Programs, Financial Literacy Education Program, Community Computer Center and Social Services for Families. Only the organizations that returned surveys are listed in this section.

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    Section D - Membership in Organizations

    This Section lists groups that include the membership of neighborhood-based organizations. These groups are the Cleveland Housing Network, the Cleveland Neighborhood Development Corporation, and the Cleveland members of the Ohio CDC Association Ohio Community Development Corporation.

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    Section E - Organizations by Political Boundaries

    This section lists neighborhood-based organizations by City of Cleveland wards, by Ohio House districts, by Ohio Senate districts, and by U.S. Congressional districts. Along with each government district is the name of that district's representative. There are maps of each of the political districts. This section by no means defines the political activity area of each organization. This section also includes information on Departments of the City of Cleveland and the director of each department. Many organizations are active in areas larger than their political districts but are listed in certain districts because of the address of their headquarters.

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    Section F - City of Cleveland Ward Maps and Statistical Planning Areas

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    Any questions or comments concerning the directory should be addressed to:

    Phil Star, Director
    Center for Neighborhood Development
    Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs
    Cleveland State University, UR 247
    Cleveland, Ohio 44115
    (216) 687-2166 (voice)
    (216) 687-9277 (fax)

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