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Center for Neighborhood Development

The Center for Neighborhood Development (CND) was founded in 1979 to assist community groups in preserving and restoring the city’s neighborhoods. It was the first outreach program in the Levin College of Urban Affairs. Since it’s founding, CND has provided technical assistance to neighborhood-based development organizations and training to build organizational and community capacity. Today, in addition to training neighborhood leaders, CND staff are involved in evaluation research on affordable housing issues, project management of housing and neighborhood development projects, and civic engagement activities including training the staff of community development corporations in community organizing and appreciative inquiry. CND has been involved in both technical assistance and program development in the areas of mediation, leadership development and community planning.

CND has coordinated the development of NeighborhoodLink (www.nhlink.net), an on-line community information system to address the digital divide by providing access to local information and the Internet. Starting in 1994 with 7 community access sites, today the focus of NeighborhoodLink is on providing neighborhood-based information as well as resources for civic involvement. NeighborhoodLink’s content includes information about employment, education, housing, environment, and government services.

CND in partnership with Neighborhood Centers Association developed a neighborhood leadership program, Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland. The training builds on the assets of neighborhood leaders and has developed a network of leaders throughout the city. Twenty-one classes have been completed with 630 graduates. The program is now presented in partnership with Neighborhood Leadership Institute.

In addition, The Center for Neighborhood Development provides a direct link between the college and Cleveland ’s neighborhoods. In addition to providing technical assistance to neighborhood development groups, CND provides undergraduate students an opportunity to become involved in neighborhood development through internships with community development corporations (CDCs). Each year about five students receive a paid internship for 20 hours a week for the academic year. Of the 42 interns over the past five years, almost half are presently working with a CDC or governmental unit involved with neighborhood revitalization. The program is supported by local financial institutions.

CND fulfills the outreach mission of Cleveland State University to our urban community and our commitment to address urban problems by providing a bridge to the neighborhoods of Cleveland . CND since its inception in 1979 has provided assistance and support to the neighborhood-based organizations that are on the frontline in the effort to rebuild our inner-city through their initiatives that provide hope and vision for the future. CND continues its support of neighborhood based efforts and remains dedicated to marshaling the resources of the University to assist in these community rebuilding efforts.


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