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Regionalism in Cleveland
Read about the issue of regionalism and what is being done in Cleveland.
Urban Sprawl
Fact Sheet of Urban Sprawl
General FAQ defining urban sprawl identifying its impacts and introducing methods to address this issue.
EcoCity Cleveland Smart Growth Resources
Thorough information about principles of smart growth and approaches to conservation-based development.
Choosing Urban Life over Sprawl
Article illustrating the benefits of living in urban communities. For more resources on this website, refer to the options in the left-hand sidebar.
Health and Urban Sprawl
Discover the impacts of urban sprawl on human health.
Green Building
Green Building Overview
Comprehensive overview of green building, including what it is, principles and strategies, and local examples of projects.
Pollution Prevention
Healthy House
Read about solutions to address common pollution problems in your home.
An Introduction to Sustainability
Overview of sustainability, including what it is and the issues that it addresses.
Principles of Sustainability
Brief listing of the components of urban sustainability.
Sustainable Cities of Europe
Efforts of cities in Europe to become more livable, economically successful, and environmentally responsible.
Why Protect Urban Green Space?
List of social, ecological, environmental, and other benefits of having green space in your community.
Benefits of Open Space
Article discussing the impacts of urban open space on community health, resource consumption, crime, cohesiveness and sense of community, the local economy, and property values.
Tips for Community Gardening
The American Community Gardening Association offers tips about how to get your urban garden growing and how to engage the community in assisting with it.

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