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Community Outreach


The GDC Community Outreach Division facilitates neighborhood stabilization by focusing on:

  • Community crime prevention programs;
  • Block club activities;
  • Environmental justice;
  • Paint Refund program;
  • City Works program;
  • Lead Abatement
  • Hall of Fame
  • Annual "Spring Clean Fling"
  • Annual "Legends & Legacies" induction ceremony
  • Organizing events; and
  • Code enforcement.

2003 marked 25 years of service to the Glenville community. The past 25 years have been filled with challenges, opportunities and accomplishments. Glenville has always been a neighborhood of culture and diversity that has contributed greatly to the achievement of the many successes over this past quarter century. With the continued support of Glenville's stakeholders, we will lead the way as one of Cleveland's premier neighborhoods.

The 7th Annual Legends & Legacies induction ceremony underscores the many accomplishments and contributions made by Glenville's current and past residents. This year six individuals were honored for their distinguished contributions to Glenville's history. They join an illustrious list of past honorees. The evening was complimented by live entertainment and a silent auction. The annual fundraiser netted $32,000.

By partnering with street clubs, police, local schools and financial institutions, and other public and private entities, GDC is able to impact all facets of the community. Because of these partnerships we have made tremendous gains.

  • Celebrated unveiling of Historical Superman Marker at the intersection of East 105th Street and St. Clair Avenue. The marker now completes the clock tower sculpture at the Glenville Town Center.

  • Coordinated unveiling of "Determined Wings" Mural Project created by Sankofa Fine Art Plus.

  • Implemented Recycle Program

  • (25) Lead Abated Homes

  • (52) Homeowners rehabilitated their home through the Paint Program.

  • (3) Senior residents home were painted.

  • Over (300) attendees at the 7th Annual "Spring Clean Fling" Clean-Up Drive.

  • Launched "Drug Free Zone" along East 105th Street retail corridor and installed signs on utility poles.

  • This year we welcomed a full-time finance manager.

  • In-house property management of the Faith Building.

  • Creation of GDC Sustainability Committee.

Projects on the Horizon:

  • Parkside Homes at East 99th through East 103rd Streets, off Superior Avenue. Construction to begin summer 2004.

  • Began pre-development for Arbor Court Townhomes.

  • Clean Ohio Grant for Shoreway Industrial Parkway (old White Motors site on St. Clair Avenue between East 72nd Street and East 82nd Street).

  • Glenville High School Knowledgeworks Grant; (4) Academies to open in Fall 2004.

  • Community envisioning process and pre-conceptual plans for redevelopment of the intersection located at Superior Avenue and East 105th Street; known as Superior:5.

  • Began master planning/urban design pre-conceptual plans for Market Square (located on St. Clair Avenue between East 106th and East 107th Streets).

  • Early discussion with potential retailers for new development.

  • Conducted neighborhood target windshield surveys on palm pilots, employing our own user-based analytical methodology to understand and document patterns of use and their impacts in all types of public spaces, and to evaluate the needs, perceptions and preferences of users or potential users.

  • Approved conceptual design for Parkwood Plaza located at St. Clair Avenue and Parkwood Avenue. Provided environmental and remediation assistance.