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During the years following the 1968 riots that ravaged Glenville, both the people and the landscape suffered significantly. Lives were lost and Glenville experienced millions of dollars in property damage. Landmark stores and shops that once lined East 105th Street and St. Clair Avenue were looted and nearly destroyed. By this time, many of the neighborhood's middle-class had already begun an exodus. As a result, The Glenville Plan, a proposal for urban renewal in the early 70's, was never launched. Near the end of the decade, Michael R. White, then a young Councilman from Glenville's Ward 8, urged an organizational plan to spur the rebuilding of Glenville. In 1978, assisted by local businesses, church leaders and residents, White helped form Glenville Development Corporation (GDC), a non-profit 501(c) 3 agency developed to address the revitalization efforts in the Glenville neighborhood.

In 2003, Glenville Development Corporation celebrated its 25th year in existence proudly. GDC has played a significant role in the renaissance of the neighborhood. To date, GDC, in partnership with builders and the Cleveland Housing Network have developed over 500 units of housing. We have also provided technical assistance leading to the development of more than $15 million in retail and commercial development. GDC's mission is " to provide residents, businesses, and institutions with the advocacy, guidance, and resources needed to improve their economic health, while making Glenville a safe, self-supporting community in which anyone would be proud to live and raise a family", As such, GDC has developed and/or administers programs and projects that ensure that Glenville and it's residents flourish.