Sample Post-Interview Thank You Letter


It is extremely important to always follow up your interview with a thank you note. This process will do two things; it will impress the employer with your professional attitude as well as re-emphasize the fact that you want the job. Many times this is the extra " touch " that will land you the job. Here is a sample of a thank you letter.



Dear Mr./Ms. (last name):

Thank you so much for meeting with me on (Date) to discuss the (position title) you have available. I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about (company's name) and to discuss how my qualifications can meet your needs.

I would like the opportunity to become part of your team. I feel strongly that I can be an asset to (company's name). I can assure you if considered for (position title), I would be a very reliable employee. I look forward to hearing from you regarding your decision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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