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Lesson 53


Airplane automatic pilot - (tested)1929
Automobile club1900
Automobile sale in the U.S. - Alexander Winton 1898
Automobile shock absorbers - C.H. Foster 1910
Automobile steering wheel - Alexander Winton 1901
Black mayor of a major U.S. city - Carl B. Stokes, elected 1967
Blood transfusion - Dr. George W. Crile, Sr. 1905
Coronary artery bypass - Dr. Favaloro - Cleveland Clinic 1967
Electric lighting of public streets - Charles F. Brush 1879
Electric traffic signal - Euclid Ave. & East 105th St., 1914
Free home delivery of mail - Joseph W. Briggs 1863
Frosted light bulbs - M. Pipkin1928
Gas mask successfully demonstrated at Cleveland Waterworks explosion - Garrett A. Morgan 1916
Health museum1940
Indoor shopping center (The Arcade)1890
Municipal airport (Cleveland Hopkins International) and air traffic control tower 1927
Rapid transit rail service from airport to downtown 1968
Rock and Roll Music (public recognition and coinage of the term) - Alan Freed 1951
Standardized formula paints - Sherwin-Williams Co. 1880
Submachine gun 1915
Successful siamese twin separation 1952
Unassisted triple play in a World Series Baseball Game 1920
Wound-rubber core golf ball - Haskell Coburn 1899
X-Ray photograph in the U.S. - Dudley Wick (his hand) 1896

Chronological listing of "Cleveland Firsts"

Information provided by the 1994 Greater Cleveland Growth Association
Research Department

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