Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 52


  1. How long is the Cuyahoga River? 100 miles
  2. How did the Cuyahoga River get its name? Mohawk Indian word Cahagaga - meaning crooked river.
  3. Why are the Flats called the flats? Flat land on both sides of the Cuyahoga River.
  4. Where did Moses Cleaveland land? East bank of the river
  5. Name of the first family to settle in the flats - Carter
  6. First cargo ship to operate on Lake Erie - Zephyr
  7. When did the first shipment of iron ore arrive? 1852
  8. First permanent bridge built across the Cuyahoga -- Center Street
  9. Date of the first permanent bridge built across the Cuyahoga - 1825
  10. First high level bridge built -- Superior Viaduct
  11. Date of the first high level bridge built - 1878
  12. Name of the last bridge built -- Innerbelt Freeway Bridge
  13. Date of the last bridge built - 1959
  14. How many automobile bridges cross the Flats today? -- 9
  15. Name two automobile bridges that cross the Flats today.
    River Avenue
    Veteran Memorial
    Columbus Road
    Carter Road
    Eagle Avenue
    Hope Memorial
    Innerbelt Freeway
    Bridge/W. 3rd Street
  16. What was the original name of the Hope Memorial Bridge? Lorain-Carnegie
  17. What is the significance of the St. Lawrence Seaway? Brings international shipping
  18. Name 3 industrial companies that had their beginnings in the Flats.
    Standard Oil
    Sherwin Williams
    Republic Steel
    International Salt
    Austin Powder
    Cereal Foods Processor
    Beeman's Gum
    White Sewing Machine
  19. Why was the Powerhouse originally built? power for street cars
  20. What type of business begins to develop in the Flats area in the 1980's - entertainment

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