Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 52

Handout 4 - Questions

Use Handout 1, 2 and Map for your information

  1. How long is the Cuyahoga River?

  2. How did the Cuyahoga River get its name?

  3. Why are the Flats called the Flats?

  4. Where did Moses Cleaveland land?

  5. Name of the first family to settle in the flats.

  6. First cargo ship to operate on Lake Erie.

  7. When did the first shipment of iron ore arrive?

  8. First permanent bridge built across the Cuyahoga River. Date?

  9. First high level bridge. Date?

  10. Name of last bridge built. Date?

  11. How many automobile bridges cross the Flats today? List them:

  12. What was the original name of the Hope Memorial Bridge?

  13. What is the significance of the St. Lawrence Seaway?

  14. Name 8 industrial companies that had their beginnings in the Flats:

  15. Why was the Powerhouse originally built?

  16. What is the Powerhouse used for today?

  17. Why was the Flats Oxbow Association founded?

  18. What type of new business begins to develop in the Flats area in the 1980's?

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