Teaching Cleveland
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Middle School Edition: 6-8

Lesson 39

Cleveland's Sesquicentennial - A Competition in Cleveland History


Students will use the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History to locate information required for a 1946, city wide school competition in Clevelandhistory. Using the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History, students will create their own bicentennial trivia game of Cleveland History.



  1. How were students involved in the Sesquicentennial celebration of Cleveland?
  2. What or who were considered important events or people in Cleveland's history in 1946? What would be considered significant in Cleveland's history today?


  1. Divide students into groups. Divide the list of important people in Cleveland's Sesquicentennial History equally among the groups. Each group is to research information about the people on their list. They may use any available resources as well as the Encyclopedia of Cleveland's History. They should have a few days to complete their research as a homework assignment.
  2. When the research is complete, each group will report their information to the rest of the class. Encourage students to pay careful attention or take notes, because there may be a quiz later.
  3. You may distribute the Sesquicentennial History Quiz for students to take individually, or you could have a class competition between groups. The winner or winning team should be rewarded with a "no homework pass" or candy or some other small reward.
  4. Next, have groups decide on at least 5 people, places or things they think are significant in Cleveland's Bicentennial History. They may use the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History, or other sources for their information. When they have completed their research, they are to prepare their information to present to the class AND a question to be used in another History of Cleveland Quiz Competition. Again, the winning team should be rewarded with a small reward.
  5. This competition could be expanded to include other classes, the entire school or between schools.

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