Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 28

Handout 2 - Study Sheet

The Haymarket

  1. What were the boundaries of the area known as the Haymarket?

  2. Why do you think it was necessary for the city to have an area designated for use as a market?

  3. Why did so many poor people settle in the Haymarket?

  4. Why was the Friendly Inn first founded?

  5. What types of activities did the staff of the Friendly Inn provide for the residents of the Hay market?

  6. What was the purpose of the milk dispensary?

  7. What was the largest ethnic group in the population of the Haymarket in 1900? in 1914? After World War I?

  8. What types of programs did Hiram House provide for the people of the Haymarket?

  9. Why were police reluctant to deal with crime in the Haymarket?

  10. What is located in the Haymarket area today?

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