Teaching Cleveland
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Middle School Edition: 6-8

Lesson 23

Immigrants All


To familiarize students with the great increase of immigration which took place in Cleveland beginning in 1896.



potato famine, Bessemer Process, emigration, steerage


  1. What factors caused a dramatic increase in the arrival of immigrants in Cleveland beginning in 1896?


Distribute copies of the handouts to the students. Have the students read the Fact Sheet and answer the questions for discussion below:

  1. Who were the first immigrants to Cleveland?
  2. Why did large numbers of Irish and Germans come here in the 1840s?
  3. What attracted immigrants from Wales to settle in Cleveland?
  4. What factors led to a large increase in immigration to Cleveland at the end of the 19th century?
  5. How did this dramatic increase in population met a need within Cleveland's industrial base?

Distribute copies of the immigration chart and the accompanying worksheet to the students. Have the students complete the activity as directed.

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