Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 22

Handout 2 - Activity Sheet

The Cleveland Spiders

Use the Fact Sheet on the Cleveland Spiders to answer the questions below.

  1. What was "rounders?"
  2. Who was Abner Doubleday?

    Why was Doubleday important to the development of baseball in America?
  3. Who was the owner of the Cleveland Spiders in 1896?
  4. What was the Cleveland baseball club called at first?
  5. Why did the name of the Cleveland baseball club change?
  6. Who was "Pat" Tebeau?
  7. What was League Park?
  8. When did the Spiders win the Temple Cup?
  9. Why was winning the Temple Cup important to the Spiders?
  10. Why did Robison move most of his better players to his St. Louis team?
  11. How did this affect the Spiders?
  12. What was the Spiders' final season in the National League? Why?
  13. Who was Denton "Cy" Young? Why is he remembered as a great Cleveland player?
  14. How was "Cy" Young honored by professional baseball?
  15. Who was Jesse Burkett?
  16. Would Burkett's style of play be permitted today? Why or Why not ?
  17. Who was Louis Soxalexis ?
  18. What is Soxalexis's link to Cleveland's modern baseball club ?

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