Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 14

Handout 2 - Analysis Sheet for Ohio Canal Collectors' Report

  1. What items would be considered food?

  2. What items would be used for manufacturing other products?

  3. In what year did the largest amount of wheat arrive in Cleveland? Corn?

  4. In what year did the largest amount of lake fish clear through Cleveland? Merchandise?

  5. What item had an increase in shipments every year? What industry would be interest in this item?

  6. In what year was the largest shipment made for each product?
    wheat    corn     mineral coal
    flour    pork     whiskey
    butter    bacon     lard
    pig iron    irons & nails     pot & pearl ashes
    wool    tobacco     salt
    lake fish    merchandise     furniture
    gypsum    lumber     shingles

  7. During which year did most of the items have their largest shipments?

Answer Key

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