Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 10

Handout 5 - Men in the Workplace, the Papers of Zalman Fitch

Agreement for Work and Labor

Agreement between A--B-- and C--D

The said C.D. convenants and promises to faithfully work and labor for said A.B. for the term of ___, commencing on the day of ____, A.D. _____, in the business of ____, and perform such other services and labor as the said A.B. may reasonablely require, for which the said A.B. hereby covenants and agrees to pay the said C.D., for said term of service, at the rate of _____dollars per month, in the manner following. [&c]

Either party may put an end to the agreement by verbal notice thereof, or otherwise, but in such case the said A .B. agrees to pay the said C. D. for the term he may have workers, at the rate of ____ dollars per month.

In witness whereof, the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals, this day of A.D.

from The Citizen's Guide or Every Man His Own Lawyer, 1847

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