Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 9

Handout 2 - Advertisements, 1846

Student Work Sheet
  1. Examine the advertisements for the businesses and manufacturers located in Cleveland in 1846. In the space below, list the different categories of businesses, such as groceries, hotels, attorneys, etc. How many examples of each were listed?

  2. Which advertisement most appealed to your eye ?

  3. Which businesses would you have needed to patronize if you did not possess a specialized skill?

  4. Which businesses were considered service businesses ?

  5. Where were most of the businesses which involved shipping located? Why?

  6. How did geography influence the location of some businesses and manufacturers?

  7. Why did some businesses have more detailed advertisements than others?

  8. What businesses listed in the 1846 directory are no longer needed in our modern society? Why?

  9. What other types of businesses in the city did not advertise in the directory? Why do you think they didn't?

  10. What factors influenced a business's selection of a location?

  11. If you had visited one of these businesses in 1846, how different would the business be from one today?

  12. Where are most businesses and manufacturers located today? Why?

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