Teaching Cleveland
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Middle School Edition: 6-8

Lesson 9

Business and Manufacturing in 1840s Cleveland


To familiarize students with the variety of businesses and manufacturers in Cleveland fifty years after the founding of the city.



cassimeres, flues, sarsparilla beer,
chandlers, gimblets, satinet,
confectionaries, glazier, tallow,
conveyances, hydrostatic presses, valises,
cordage, livery stable, saltpetre,
crockery, notary public, edifice,
cupalo, paste blacking, saleratus,dampers


  1. What types of businesses and manufacturers existed in Cleveland 50 years after the founding of the city?
  2. How did these businesses and manufacturers take advantage of the geographic condition in Cleveland in 1846?
  3. Where were the main businesses and manufacturers located in Cleveland in 1846?


  1. General Instructions: Review vocabulary terms with which students might not be familiar.These activities may be done either individually or in groups.
  2. Handout 1: Distribute copies of the activity to students. Have students, either individually or in groups, read the newspaper article from the Cleveland Herald. Have students complete questions for discussion.
  3. Handout 2: Distribute copies of the activity to students. Have students complete the activity as directed. Students should examine the advertisements from the Cleveland City Directory, 1846, and then answer the questions on the worksheet. Students should locate the business advertisements on the map. Students may used colored pencils, markers, etc. They should prepare a map key to show the categories of the various businesses.

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