Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 7

Handout 2

RESEARCH ANALYSIS SHEET - Newspaper Ads - 1840s

  1. Into what categories can you divide your advertisements? (i.e. products, services, entertainment, news, clothing, equipment, inventions, etc.)
  2. What products are similar to products available today?
  3. Compare costs of similar products from the 1840s to the 1990s.
  4. Who would use these products?
  5. What products would you not be able to buy today?
  6. What businesses are similar to businesses today?
  7. What businesses would you not find today?

Answer the following questions if you can find the information in your classified section.

  • What did people do for entertainment or "fun" in the 1840s?
  • What types of transportation were available?
  • What information can you gather about clothing styles?
  • What "news" items or announcements were in the classifieds?
  • What information could you find about housing?
  • Community services?

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