Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 6

List of Characters of the "Runaway Incident of 1843"

Henry Jackson: a barber, who was reputed to be an abolitionist, who turned in the runway slaves
H.V. Wilson: A Cleveland jurist who wrote the letter to the runaway slaves owner. Was appointed federal judge in 1855 and presided over the Oberlin-Wellington slave case and the case of Lucy Bagby.
Alexander Williams: Runaway slave
John Houston: Runaway slave
Charles Stetson: Volunteered services as a lawyer for the runaways
Thomas Bolton: Assisted in the defense of runaways. Became a prominent Clevelander, helped draft the first city charter in 1835, was prosecuting attorney, helped to swing public opinion in N. Ohio against slavery. Elected judge in 1856.
Mr. Lindenberger: agent for slave owner
H.B. Payne: Successful Cleveland lawyer. Elected to Ohio Senate in 1851. Elected to U.S. Senate in 1884.
Judge Josiah Barber: One of the original vice-presidents of the Cuyahoga County Colonization Society and the first mayor of Ohio City in 1837.
Edward Wade: First president of the Cuyahoga Anti-Slavery Society and an active agent in the Underground Railroad. Elected to Congress in 1852 to 1861.
Alexander Bowman: Helped furnish bail for runaway slave.
John Brown: Helped furnish bail for runaway slave. A barber who was a prominent African-American Clevelander who was well known for his defense of African-American rights.

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