Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 3

Handout 1 - Population of Cleveland in 1810

Statement of Levi Johnson
Cleveland Village Inhabitants in 1810

Abram Hickox and family 5
Dr. Long 1
Mrs. Coit 1
Alfred Kelley 1
Levi Johnson 1
Lorenzo Carter and family 7
Elias and Harvey Murray and family 4
Major Perry and wife 2
Benoni Carter 1
Bold McConkey and family 3
Jacob Wilkinson and family 5
Samuel Johnson who carried the mail 1
Charles Gun and two brothers 3
John Walworth and family 7
S. Williamson and family 5
M. Williamson and family 1
Mr. Humiston and family 4
Mr. Simpson and family 5

from Papers of Levi Johnson, Cleveland Village, MSS1, WRHS

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