Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 2

Handout 1 - Duties of Citizens, 1802

Agreeable to order of the court of General _______ the inhabitants of the town of Cleveland met at the home of James Kingsbury Esq. the 5 day of April & 1802 for a town meeting and choose:

Rudolphus EdwardChairman
Nathaniel Doan Town Clerk
Amos Spafford Esq.
Timothy Doan
William W Williams
Samuel Hamilton
Elijah Gunn
Appraisers of Houses
Ebenezer AyreLister
Samuel Huntington Esq.
Nath Doan
Samuel Hamilton
Supervisors of Highways
William W Williams
Samuel Huntington Esq.
overseers of the poor
Lorenzo Carter
Nathan Chapman
James Hamilton
Fence Viewer
Ezekiel Holly
Richard Craw

A true copy of the proceedings of the inhabitants of Cleaveland at their town meeting examined by me

Nathaniel Doan, Town Clerk

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