Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 45

Chronological listing of "Cleveland Firsts"

1863 Free home delivery of mail - Joseph Briggs
1879 Electric lighting of public streets - Charles F. Brush
1880 Standardized formula paints - Sherwin Williams Co.
1890 Indoor shopping center (The Arcade)
1896 X-Ray photograph in the U.S. - Dudley Wick (his hand)
1898 Automobile sale in the U.S. - Alexander Winton
1899 Wound-rubber core golf ball - Haskell Coburn
1900 Automobile Club
1901 Automobile steering wheel - Alexander Winton
1905 Blood transfusion - Dr. George W. Crile, Sr.
1910 Automobile shock absorbers - C. H. Foster
1914 Electric traffic signal - Euclid Ave. & East 105th
1915 Submachine gun
1916 Gas mask demonstrated at Cleveland Waterworks Explosion - Garrett A. Morgan
1920 Unassisted triple play in a World Series Baseball Game
1927 Municipal airport (Cleveland Hopkins International) and air traffic control tower
1928 Frosted light bulbs - M. Pipkin
1929 Airplane automatic pilot - (tested)
1940 Health Museum
1951 Rock and Roll Music (public recognition and coinage of the term) - Alan Freed
1952 Successful siamese twin separation
1967 Black mayor of a major U.S. city - Carl B. Stokes, elected.
Coronary artery bypass - Dr. Favaloro - Cleveland Clinic
1968 Rapid transit rail service from airport to downtown

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