Teaching Cleveland

Lesson 44


  1. Shipment takes longer to load than originally scheduled. Remain on FATE space.
  2. River has just been dredged and is easier to navigate - ahead 1 space
  3. Swing bridge is locked in down position, delayed one day - move back 1 space.
  4. Ship is overloaded and begins to take on water - move back 2 spaces.
  5. Shipment was loaded faster than expected - move ahead 1 space.
  6. Ice has blocked the mouth of the river, delayed one day - move back 1 space.
  7. Coast Guard has just cleared ice on the lake, must leave earlier than planned - move ahead 2 spaces.
  8. Need to hire additional ship hands to work on deck -- remain on FATE space.
  9. Accident on river with pleasure craft and freighter, delayed departure -- move back 1 space.
  10. New faster and energy efficient engine installed -- move ahead 1 space
  11. Near the end of the shipping season, river traffic reduced -- move ahead 1 space
  12. Shipping just opens, river traffic crowded -- move back 1 space
  13. Need to take on fresh supplies, delayed one day -- remain on FATE space
  14. Need to check registration with port authorities -- move back 1 space
  15. Shipment unloaded faster than expected -- move ahead 1 space

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