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Lesson 44

Handout 2 - Timeline

1796 General Moses Cleaveland lands a survey party on the east bank.
1797 The Lorenzo Carter family settles on the east bank near Superior Ave.
1805 The west bank of the river was purchased from the Seneca Indians.
1808 The Zephyr, is the first cargo ship to operate on Lake Erie.
1825 The first permanent bridge is built at Center Street.
1832 The Ohio & Erie Canal from Cleveland to the Ohio River is open.
1837 The famous Bridge War is fought between Cleveland and Ohio City.
1852 The first shipment of iron ore from the Marquette Range arrives.
1868 St. Malachi Church is established on W. 25th Street.
1870 The first Standard Oil Company refinery begins production.
1873 Sherwin-Williams opens its first paint factory on Canal Street.
1878 The Superior Viaduct, Cleveland's first high level bridge, is open.
1880 28% of the City's workers are employed by the steel industry.
1898 Work begins to rechannel and widen the mouth of the river.
1901 The present Center Street Bridge is built by the King Bridge Company.
1918 The Veterans Memorial (Detroit-Superior) Bridge is completed.
1930 Republic Steel is founded by Cyrus Eaton.
1932 The Hope Memorial Bridge (Lorain-Carnegie) is open.
1939 The Burton Memorial (Main Avenue) Bridge is open.
1940 The Coast Guard station is established on Whiskey Island.
1959 The St. Lawrence Seaway brings international shipping.
The Innerbelt Freeway Bridge is built.
1976 Heritage Park I is dedicated on the east bank. There is a log cabin named for Lorenzo Carter, which is open to the public.
1976 The Flats Oxbow Association is founded to promote economic growth.
1981 Heritage Part II is created on the west bank.
1987 The Nautica entertainment area opens on the west bank.
1989 The Powerhouse reopens as an entertainment complex.
1992 Lock 44 Park (next to Heritage Park I) is dedicated on the east bank.
1993 First apartment complex in the Flats opens.

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Flats Oxbow Association, 1283 Riverbed Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

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