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High School Edition: 9-12

Lesson 38

Central High School, 1946


To familiarize students with Central High School in 1846.


Dr. P.M. Watson
intercultural education
general course
college preparatory
commercial course
A Capella
Miss Myrtle Bell
Negro History Club
"One world"
Luther Abele


  1. What was Central High School like in 1946?


  1. Distribute copies of the handout to the students, have them read the article and complete the questions for discussion below:
    a. What type of change was Central High School undergoing in 1946?
    b. Why do you think this change came about?
    c.Do you think that a student who attended Central High School was given an inadequate education? Why or why not?
    d.What activities listed at Central High School in 1946 were you surprised to find?
    e. For what was Central High School well-known?
    f. What did the article mean by "intercultural education?" Did this mean the same as "multicultural education" today?
    g. Why was Myrtle Bell, Central's assistant principal for girls, an excellent representative for Central?
    h. What were some of Mrs. Bell's hopes for the future of Central?
  2. Note: The Central High School was closed and the school was merged with East Technical High School. The building now houses Central Middle School.

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