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High School Edition: 9-12

Lesson 28

"The Zuckey Gang"


To discuss conditions among young teens in the Haymarket area at the turn of the century and the efforts of the social workers at Hiram Settlement House to combat the existence of gangs in the area.



manual training classes, inducement, Lancaster, "On the Level"


  1. What social conditions do you think were responsible for the formation of gangs in the Haymarket area?
  2. How effective do you feel the efforts of the Hiram House staff was in attacking the gang problem? Why?


  1. It might be helpful to either have the students read or have the teacher read aloud, the fact sheet on the Haymarket before beginning this lesson. Have the students read the selection on gangs from the records of the Hiram House Settlement. Have the students answer the questions for discussion below:
    a. What social conditions do you think might have been responsible for the formation of gangs in the Haymarket area?
    b. Do any of the social conditions still exist today? Which ones?
    c. Do teenagers today join gangs for the same reasons they joined them in the 1890s?
    d. How did the Hiram House Settlement staff approach the problem?
    e. Why did the staff try to get Herman to cooperate with them?
    f. Do you think their solution to the problem was going to be effective? Why or Why not?
    g. Will gangs always be the norm?
    h. In the future, what social changes will be needed to eliminate gangs?

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